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"Die Cyborg ist eine überzeugte AnhängerIn von Partialität, Ironie, Intimität und Perversität. Sie ist oppositionell, utopisch und ohne jede Unschuld.
Cyborgs sind nicht mehr durch die Polarität von öffentlich und privat strukturiert, Cyborgs definieren eine technologische Polis, die zum großen Teil auf auf einer Revolution der sozialen Beziehungen im oikos, dem Haushalt beruht."

(Donna Haraway)



In Brief


Goal of the current project in Berlin: 40-50 people, more to follow in more places.

Basic consent

Our consent is not a political position, but shall bring a basic level of understanding and communication into the project. People involved consider the following as fundamentally anti-emancipative: nationalism, racism, sexism (including homophobia etc...), anti-semitism, anti-americanism, capitalism (meaning the exploitation of other's workforce), religious evangelising (including esotericism) as mentioned in the linked text.

Contradictory interests naturally cannot be an equal part of the so called "collective interest" (see below).


Why is the antifascist urban commune called antifascist urban commune?

  • first, this it is just a functional WORKING TITLE, there are many more, this one is not nice, but it is the most functional. Why?
  • In "our" concept of commune we see the main demands of anti-authoritarian, appropriation of production facilities and feminist utopia expressed and therefore inclusive.

But since the possibility of overall human emancipation is not something which is just there, it must be achieved and defended. This awareness is not a logical part of a communal economy and organisation and therefore the term "antifascist" is prepended.

But this DOES NOT mean that everybody is bound to a certain kind of political activism but to a basic consent which is not reduced to nicely-minded ideas in a world drowning in (anti-semitic, nationalist, capitalist...) madness.

The working title antifascist urban commune should not be understood as an reduction to antifascism. It also does not mean that we are non-critical towards individuals, positions, etc. inside the antifascist movement - but our critic will be one of basic solidarity.

Not a political group

We do NOT plan to form or publish uniformed political positions. We have a certain understanding what a political goup is and why (and how) we are not. We have a german theory paper on this. The main difference is that the goal of our organisation and cooperation is not the lowest common denominator but instead the collective interest of all.

The collective interest

The principle is easy: If one wants cake, the other cookies, the goal is to have cake AND cookies. This means: you should (and could) integrate all your interests into the project.


Communism means for us: All for their needs, all to their abilities. This means also: Needs are not to be discussed. What's necessary for the group is to have a common communication, organisation and planning to realise the most of the needs.

Project goals (amongst others)

  • establish a solidary structure
  • to run a common economy
  • unite places and projects to a bigger, place independent commune
  • overcome the power relationships of the nuclear family
  • goal is to fulfill the collected interests
  • own space and buildings for living, projects and commune companies
  • to support antifascist and emancipative projects with space, rooms, technology, workforce and knowledge

Not the end in itself

For the participants the commune is not the goal itself, it is meant as a tool to fulfill individual aims. It is no end in itself, but instead has to be proven in practice.

Wage labour

In the beginning, wage labour will be necessary and will remain possible whenever anyone likes to work on the labour market. But this option should be accomplished through the possibility to work in communal companies. In addition, the commune's wage labourers have a built-in working union.


We want to establish our own companies to regain influence on our own living. We need to choose when who works with whom and when you work, when you do pauses, who is keeping when an eye on the children's needs. To do this, we have to sell our products (material and immaterial ones) on the market. We are aware of the negative sides of this ambition, but don't see any alternative option to this. On the other hand most of the critics on this point aren't aware of the negative side of selling your own flesh to the LABOUR market and it's anti-emancipative influence on everyone who does. We don't like to be FORCED to sell our own flesh anymore - therefore we need other options to do a living.


Your own moral will not be defined by membership in the projects. You have to chose your moral and ethical standards of your actions for yourself. It may be discussed within the project or NOT.

Overcome the nuclear family

(this part is not yet well edited) Seems like there's no concept for the long run to live which can deal without nuclear family structures even in gay and queer practices. We want to establish an alternative to it, because we have something against the authoritarian roles inside it. In addition, it's a creepy way of solidarity which destroys most of solidarity bounds outside to establish them inside.

We want a collective organisation of everyday's household and child raising.


There are no predefined rules how to deal with emotions inside the project which are a sensible part of an everyday living. It has to be clear that running such a long-term project means to get involved with the other people inside it - which means that it isn't as easy to give a shit about their thinking and feelings as it is in individualised life. To set up your own boundaries is necessary and important in such a relation. There is lots of criticism on romantic relations and how emotions are kept inside, but there is no right and no possibility to force anyone into anyone's "concept". Talking about it can be enriching nevertheless.

Decentralisation and relative autonomy

Decisions don't have to be reached in meetings, they can be reached 24/7 wherever you are. But those who decide have to be aware of those who are touched by this decision and get them involved in the process. It is everybody's responsibility to communicate properly.

But who is deciding what with whom depends on the individuals' involvement and type of decision
Everyday's decisions don't need any communication at all. Deciding on higher amounts of money, like a car, needs to get relatively more people involved. High and risky decisions, like huge credits for real estate, will therefore be decided by all together.

This way, the organisation can be decentralised, because it does not depend on a specific meeting. There is no hierarchy of the different ways of decision. Sure we meet sometimes but that's different to those organisational-consent-decision-meetings of political organisations. Ours is just to talk and communicate.

On the other hand, transparency and plannability is centralised, but on the internet. We run an internet-driven groupware where we promote all our decisions to everyone involved.

The only legitimacy of action and decision is therefore the responsibilitiy of everyone's actions. It obtains validity if others share the same opinion freely through their own thinking and understanding (in contrast to only being listed in the minutes or such).

Cyber*communism / place independent commune

We are actually involved with 6 groups who focus to unite to a place independent commune. It should be established through the possibility of decentralisation and cyber organisation. After the establishment of the common economy everyone should be able to choose what to do where why with whom together. Where to live and what to work and where to relax. If you are capable of reading german text see our german announcement + concept for the place independent cyber commune.


Currently organisation takes place in german or english language. In future, it should not be restricted to these, we are also working on this site to be multilingual.

Too queer for you?

We are too communist for the anarchists, the communists assume we are hippies (because there is nothing about us in "The Capital"), the antifascists say what they always say (and it's not about us, it's about germany and it's folk-community). We are too queer for the economists and too economical for the queers. Feminists like us a lot, but they usually just resume their individual career at the university (even if this is not a contradiction to participate here). But: We love you all!

If you are interested please conact us:

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