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Der Kommunismus ist für uns nicht ein Zustand, der hergestellt werden soll, ein Ideal, wonach die Wirklichkeit sich zu richten haben wird.
Wir nennen Kommunismus die wirkliche Bewegung, welche den jetzigen Zustand aufhebt. Die Bedingungen dieser Bewegung ergeben sich aus der jetzt bestehenden Voraussetzung.

Karl Marx (1818-1883): Die Deutsche Ideologie (1845). Der Kommunismus als Bewegung




Some german texts are still unavailable in the english version, namely:

- critic of esotericism,

- critic of the nuclear family

About the (Im-)Possibilities of leftist Practice
Emancipative action of autonomous ware subjects has got its pitfalls which will be addressed in this article. It will be examined how people relate to each other in groups and how they can act upon it. A theoretical model is introduced by which questions of solidarity, the political & the private and hierarchies & their economic conditions can be discussed and reflected.

About Cyborg
It shall be explained why the antifascist urban commune deems itself a cyborg society and what are the references to Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto.

Collection of Articles about Communes
A collection of external articles about communes worldwide

Karl Marx: Theses on Feuerbach

The idea of a place independent commune
Franziska Roth, antifacist urban commune, Berlin - But I cannot imagine committing my life to one place and one group. I also have difficulties in believing that one singular group is economically and socially capable of mastering the adversities of life. Therefore the idea of a commune of several groups in several places materialised in our commune's founding group.

Esotericism and Right-wing Ideology
working paper for the M.A. exam in Political Science 24.5.2005

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State 

a work by Engels (1884) - unfortunately it doesn't point out the functioning of the modern bourgeois family - but good to read anyway.

Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto 

(here a Comic Version


External link: Anti-Politics is a Possibility (german)