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"Der derzeitige Siegeszug des „Neoliberalismus“[...], das Phantom „Alles ist möglich, frau muss nur wollen“, laufen wie am Schnürchen.
Die „Emanzipiertheit“ als korrumpierte ICH-AG greift um sich – und Frauen, denen (strukturelle) Gewalt widerfährt, sind schon wieder „selber schuld“. Und zwar ganz individuell.
Im Supermarkt der „Machbarkeit“ und Beliebigkeit ist wenig Platz für Solidarität.
Die Spaltung zwischen jenen, die meinen, es schon richten zu können und jenen, die übrig bleiben ist unübersehbar und für Frauen meiner Weltanschauung und Lebenserfahrung nur schwer zu ertragen."

(Aus fiber 08/2005 „Manchmal ist es verdammt hart, Feministin zu sein“)



Project list

Several projects are planned inside the commune. They can be grouped by 3 types:

  1. Projects to structurally reduce the amount of time and money spent by people, projects which are rather tangent to 'individual reproduction' of life.
  2. Companies primarily existing to obtain money on the market in order to gain means of production step by step and to establish an existence not based on wage labour.
  3. Projects, by obtained and saved resources, to make an emancipative and antifascist impact which would be impossible without these means (money, time, space, etc...).

But in reality the functionality is not that profoundly seperated!


Projects to save time and money

For instance collective child care, collective food supply, common bike- and car-pool (including upkeep), common travels, common luxury (e.g. sauna etc.), book-keeping and taxes, companies for a common livelihood.

  1. Graphics design studio
  2. IT collective (networking technology, administration, ...)
  3. Carpenter
  4. Engineering collective
  5. Car and metal workshop (also sculptures)
  6. ...

Means obtained/saved by the previously mentioned projects are supposed to be used for the following projects:  

Projects to have an emancipatory and antifascist impact
  1. Hostel
  2. Event location (concerts, gatherings, theatre, cinema, conferences, ...)
  3. Seminar rooms
  4. Plenum rooms
  5. Infoshop
  6. Library
  7. The antifascist/emancipative groups have furthermore access to resources of the productive/reproductive projects/companies, depending on individual members of the commune and within the bounds of possibility.
  8. ...

The actual projects depend on who is taking part and what these people want, can, do. It really makes sense to join a project and put forward your own interests, to look for people to implement these ambitions within a communal economy.